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Classes for 2020

Classes run in themed blocks. Each week the basket content increases as does the amount of signs taught during the singing session. You do not have to do all the sessions in a block; however continuity helps the children to consolidate their learning and build on new ideas, plus they recognise familiar faces and make social bonds within the group.

Classes run for 55 minutes on Mondays at 9.30am and 11am at Moon Lane Books on Stanstead Road and from Punk me up ceramics Cafe in East Dulwich on Thursdays at 11.30am

You can block book a set of 4 for £26.00 or drop in for £8 a session if space is available, please check on the booking page to see if we have space. 

We look forward to meeting you all.

Rolling basket

6th, 13th and 20th January 2020 - Moon Lane

9th, 16th and 23rd January 2020 - Punk Me Up Ceramics Cafe

Babies are fascinated with the movement of a rolling object, add to that a tinkle or jingle or maybe even a bit of glitter and sparkle and you have yourself a winning formula! ROlling objects will allow young hands to explore textures and shapes as well as weights. Not all rolling itesm will go in a straight line - how many wacky rollers will you discover in the basket?

Light and reflection basket

27th January, 3rd and 10th February 2020  - Moon Lane

30th January, 6th and 13th February 2020 - Punk Me Up Ceramics Cafe

As the winter season makes way for Spring, we like to encourage the lighter evenings with a bit of light and reflection! A basket full of shiny and mesmerising objects artefacts that make you want to reach out and engage with the items. A wonderful basket to use with mirrors and watch babies babble at their reflections - a real discovery moment!

Home Helper basket

24th February, 2nd and 9th March 2020 - Moon Lane

27th February, 4th and 11th March 2020 - Punk Me Up Ceramics Cafe

A fantastic basket to immerse yourself in if you have a little person who loves to copy adult behaviours, and what better way than to imitate the excitement that goes on in the kitchen! Come and explore the wide range of everyday objects you have access to at home - how many treasure baskets could you make from everyday household objects? Pop along for some inspiration!

Garden basket

16th, 23rd and 30th March 2020 - Moon Lane

19th, 26th March and 2nd April 2020 - Punk Me Up Ceramics Cafe

As Spring begins to turn the season, there is never a better moment than to head outdoors and have a bit of nature play! This basket gives our young people a bit of an insight into the wonderful items that can be found in the garden. Plenty of scope for story telling and rustling in the bushes. or maybe you like to dig away and plant the bulbs and seeds? No live insects found intentionally in these baskets!